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Why am I so Sick?

Why am I so Sick?

Have actually you ever woken up exhausted, battled throughout the day exhausted, excited to fall asleep and then have the exact exact same period again the following day? Would you ever wonder, Why have always been I so tired at all times? Should you, you are not alone. You will find thousands of people with problems with sleep, diseases and illness, and poor life alternatives that lead them to feel exhausted each day where no quantity of rest generally seems to have the desired effect. Therefore, it could be one of the following reasons if you are wondering why you’re so tired all the time.

Sleep Problems

Oh hey, would not you realize, sleep disorders will make you sleepy. This can be first from the list since it is pretty apparent. 50-70 million Us americans have problems with a form of sleep problems, all with varying symptoms however the same resultexhaustion. Do some of these symptoms sound familiar for your requirements?


Difficulty drifting off to sleep through the night

getting up throughout the night


Daytime sleepiness

perhaps Not experiencing well rested



Anti Snoring

getting up having a sore neck

Loud snoring

sick while driving

Daytime sleepiness


Mood changes

Lowered libido


Morning headaches

Gasping or choking through the night

raised blood pressure

throat pain within the early morning

Daytime sleepiness

Melatonin Deficiency

abdominal discomfort or sensitiveness

Mood changes

getting up often

struggling to go to sleep

Restless feet

Rest Starvation

getting out of bed times that are multiple the evening

Having sleep that is dreamless




Night Terrors

Screaming or thrashing whenever resting

Elevated blood heart and pressure price

Rapid respiration

Wide eyes with dilated students

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