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List of Small Games
img Disney Princess Christmas
It´s the most beautiful time of the year, it´s Christmas time. The houses and streets are decorated and shining in magnificent colors. This makes cozy Christmas mood. What do you think how the Disney princess look like at Christmas? This is an amazing chance to spend Christmas with the Disney princess and fairies. Let it be Christmas.
img Christmas Boulder
This is a great and funny winter and Christmas game. You need to throw snowballs at the Christmas elf to get many points. Don´t worry, you have the permission from Santa. Use mouse to play.
img 12 till Christmas
The Santa has to deliver all presents to people all over the world. The time is running and the Christmas enemies want to stop him and to get the presents. Your job is to make possible that children all over the world celebrate Christmas with many presents. Bring as many presents as you can to each child and don´t let your enemies win. Use A and D to move Santa and W to fly the slide. Use mouse to throw snowballs at your enemies and S to get the presents to the children.
img Mario Bros
This is a great remake of the original Super Mario Bros and this version you can play online and free. Choose the character which you want to play with, Mario or Luigi and start than a great adventure in the Mario world. Try to get as many points as possible collecting coins and the mushrooms for extra bonuses and life. Don´t let your enemies catch you because than it´s game over. Use the arrows to move, up to jump and down to duck.
img Aladdin Wild Ride

Help Aladdin and his friend Abu to escape from the caves of wonders riding on the carpet. Be careful because they have to fly over lava and other dangerous and each fall can have terrible aftereffects. Use arrows to fly and space for boost. Use the ramps to jump high and explore mysterious places, avoid all of the obstacles. Try to collect all jewels and with their help you will get a lot of bonuses and energy
img Battle of Antarctica

Battle of Antarctica is a great Tower Defense game where you need to protect your land from the incoming penguins. You need to place your towers at the defending lines and protect your kingdom. Play with mouse.